Holy Curse's take on...

The Empire Hotel, Annandale
Thursday, November 3, 2005


Vindicator Electro: I must admit i was quite dubious about the kind of music to expect with such a name. For sure, the members' anteceedents (Radio Birdman, Visitors, Decline of the Reptiles) were self explanatory but you can never tell. Could this be another reunion of famous musicians delivering a set of covers ??

HELL NO! From the moment these guys jumped on stage, I knew something special was on its way. The few minutes when the band tuned in, waiting for
their charismatic singer were already hypnotic. And then, This good damaged old man Mark Sisto started to sing.
They excellently attacked "When the Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash, delivered in more arty form than I thought, although the basis for what they do is very rock 'n' roll , almost Velvets in fact. These guys have an exceptional skill level. I very much appreciate much the presence of Mark on stage. There's a very dark feel and he tells storties. "The man came around∑, indeed. OK, this was the only song I knew and I couldn't tell whether the other songs were originals or not. ( I find oiut that hey were all by Dean Coulter's) but whatever, it all sounded great. Gone were my straight out hi-energy expectations. This kind of genius makes that music sound beautiful.

The band has this very theatrical way to deliver the words and to throw them to us watching. Mark is as much an actor as a singer.The only reference to '70s Detroit that I could recognize is Mark Sisto's dancing. Remember the MC5 footage, with Wayne Kramer doing some kind of slip and slide across the stage? Well, Sisto's got it down the same. No doubt he was raised in Motown.

Great drum playing ( I wonder whether Birdman thought about Chris Masuak taking over on drums when Ron Keeley left ? Yet who would have played guitar instead ? ), magic guitar ( in my jetlagged dreams, I see Dean Coulter playing with Penny Ikinger - and everyone thanking the gods), exquisite bass and keyboards, with Mark Sisto, as the icing on top. Holy Curse's guitar player said that Mark Sisto's singing and dancing reminded him of Italian movies from the 60s. I'm more into German cabaret but I get his point too.

Tying up the girl upfront with the mic lead was probably less frightening than Sisto's preaching on "The Man Comes Around".

The concert finishes but one will quit the place immediately.

Well, these lazy bastards did not have anything for sale (no demo or live tapes, hand made posters,) and that's a shame. I need the lyrics from the songs, and I want these guys to get into a studio and play live, with no practice. This will be a wonderful record.

Listen to the words....when Vindicator Electro comes around.