@ The Blender Theater NY, NY
February 1, 2008


I know, I know this live review is way overdue. However, let me pontificate before the timliness factor gets thrown my way, hear me out on this fact: right now, the Supersuckers might possibly be offering the best live band experience for your money. Period.

Since their inception, these four guys from Seattle, who ditched the flannel / lattes for western gear / rye, have been slugging it out on the live concert circuit for over twenty years and as a result the cumulative effect is amazing. Playing to a packed house, the Supersuckers played for over two hours and provided an evening’s worth of guitar excess, rawk volume and humor. Overall, set wise the band played twenty four songs!

As a unit, the band is cohesive and fierce in execution. Eddie Spaghetti, besides his duties as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies, demonstrated prowess in his bass playing which provided a nice bottom of sound for drummer Scott Churilla’s fills and syncopation. Churilla, after the departure of Dancing Eagle, has quietly elevated the band in it’s playing and might be their MVP.

As for the six-string onslaught, what more can be said of the guitar duo of Rontrose Heathman and Dan “Thunder” Bolton. The two guitarists were perfect symmetry in exchanging a backdrop of rthymn and leads. The most noticeable aspect of these two players is in their ability to play with taste. You never got the feeling from watching these two play together they are showboating as individuals. First, the two are committed to the songs. Secondly, they play as a band. Complete unselfishness. The result was a soaring and exciting set filled with memorable musicianship.

Some of the evening’s highlights (where there were many) include “Rock and Roll Records (Aren’t Selling this Year)” and “Rock Your Ass”. In particular, the latter song was incredible in a live setting. On CD, it has a particular live feel to it which translates well in a performance setting.

Several songs later, “Bad Bad Bad” and “The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll” packed a nice left / hook right combination. Towards the end of the set, “How to Maximize Your Kill Count” still provides a nice burst of energy fourteen years later.

For those who have not seen The Supersuckers in concert, you really need to experience the band live. The Supersuckers show no signs of falling prey to complacency; the foursome are still thriving (look for a new album this year) and masters of the stage.

Set List:

Intro –
02. That’s Rock N Roll
03. Rock-N-Roll Records
04. Rock Your Ass
05. Paid
06. Luck
07. – Interlude –
08. Bad Bad Bad
09. The Evil Powers of Rock N Roll
10. What It Takes
11. Something Good For Ya
12. Mudhead
13. Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust
14. Fisticuffs
15. Hell City, Hell
16. I Like It All Man
17. Breaking Honey’s Heart
18. Creepy Jackelope Eye
19. When I Go (Home)
20. Bloody Mary Morning
21. Pretty Fucked Up
22. How To Maximize Your Kill Count
23. Goodbye
24. – Fake Encore –
25. Cowboy Song
26. Born With A Tail