Bol d'Or, Magny-Cours, France,
September 13, 2003

Forty-eight hours have passed since the Stooges concert and there's still a big smile on my face.

Finally Iggy put on a decent performance again. I've been to over a dozen Iggy solo concerts but actually hadn't seen a superb Iggy show since the brilliant Instinct tour. It will probably remain a big question why Iggy toured with such lousy backing bands since the late '80s.

But last Saturday, we could finally forgive him. Last year we had the incredible Stooges Project concerts (the Ashetons plus J Mascis and Mike Watt), now, with Iggy back as front man, it was just amazing.

I had to drive 860km to see the show, 12 hours in the car. But who fucking cares, it was all worth it.

The band played at a 24-hour motor race event. Many people thought the audience would be crap as predonminantly bikers would just turn out for the race and not for the band. Those people were wrong; many
Stooges fans showed up and the audience was superb. Pogoing, crowd-surfing, bikers with a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand...it all made for a fantastic atmosphere.

The band loved it, Iggy asked the light man to put the lights on the audience so he could see how many people were enjoying the show. The band was very pleased.

Steve McKay is a full-time Stooges member again, playing the phantastic saxophone plus maracca's on some tracks. All tracks from "Funhouse" were played, except for "Ann" and "We Will Fall", plus one new song called "Skull Ring".

During "Dirt", a crowd surfer was treated pretty bad by the security and Iggy stopped the song. What could be a personal disaster for this fan turned out to be his biggest dream. Iggy invited the guy on stage and he stayed there during the restart of "Dirt".

During "Real Cool Time", more fans were invited on stage to dance with Iggy. The singer of the Australian Stooges Tribute Band (who is British, BTW.) copied some of Iggy's moves and showed him and the audience his arse.....

"I Wanna Be Your Dog" was played twice, first as fourth track in and also to close the set. No encore was given. The show ended after 65 minutes. An encore would have been nice but in a way, it was not necessary. The band had given it all.

(I also taped the entire concert and am willing to trade it with those who are interested. Email me privately).

Stooges Project concerts, Stooges reunion shows, an MC5 reunion show, a Birdman tour - Europeans have been very spoiled over the last two years.- Jeroen