Funhouse Pub, Morlaix, France
September 17, 2005


What a night! After catching the band in full flight the night before I was certainly waiting in anticipation to see how the Romeos could follow that gig. They hail from Annecy (France East) and are heavily influenced by the Oz style rock.

"Hey we're the Stoneage Romeos and we are BAD BAD BAD!"

And away they went.

They played two sets and it was a direct attack from start to finish. Me, I can't complain at all. Their originals cook and I must say the have a great live sound.

How could I complain when a certain "Do the Pop" springs up in the middle of the set as well as "No Next Time" and covers of songs by the Exploding White Mice and the Hoodoo Gurus.

Their CD has been reviewed already at the Bar and it got the thumbs up.

The infamous Johnny "THE CAT" was there aswell (he manages the group) and I must say he enjoyed the show and the festivities around him.He had a glass in his hand from start to finish.His son was there too "MR BIG EARS" (just a joke but you had to be there).

After the show we treated the band to some fine wines and a little look at someone's Birdman memorabilia collection. A Jim Beam bottle later we all hit the sack.The next day the group packed up the rest of the gear and headed back to Annecy.

All in all a fantastic night and a really great show THANKS GUYS.Come back again!!

Checkout website for all the info on 'em.You won't be disappointed.

* Greg "Birdman" Bowen is the owner-licensee of the Funhouse Pub in Morlaix and webmaster of the Radio Birdman fansite.