The Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney
February 12, 2006

By DESTROIT SLICK who is speechless, but can still type...

The Stepfords. Why didn't I know about the Stepfords? Good God.

Though I truly am partial to things American, I have often been less than flattering about American Women. Good god. Ill never allude to such terrible generalizations of the kind again.

Monica McMahon = Goddess.

Name her equal as a stage goddess, come on anyone??? Who is it; who is the Venus representative?

Old school Glamour...uh, no... She don't try, she just is. How old is she? She looks good for 40, she look goods for 17, or 55, or 32. Who cares? More than looks, she has a voice, moves and style. This is the kind of performer that should tell any pretenders: 'Hey look, this is the real deal. Do you deserve public attention? This is what is possible."

Great songs. Just great. It makes me ask the obvious question: Why isn't John Schofield , Clyde Bramley and company (who are inher band) following her to New York or anywhere else she wants to go??? Duh.

It is a real sick state of affairs , if one can put on MTV without hurling, to see these endless parade of ridiculous wanna be sexy chickies, acting just plain stupid, when a singing Venus walks the earth relatively unnoticed.

She has more class than Laura Harring ("Mullholland Drive") a beautiful smile. I haven't painted the picture yet have I ? She is dark-haired and looks more Spanish than Irish. History tells tales of Spanish sailors doing things...

She is no Barbie doll, Sophia Loren , is closer than Debbie Harry or Gina Lollbrigida? But American, not Italian, and rock
'n' roll, cruising in a '60s convertable, too classy to be a gangsters girl, more like a movie star..

Yes she sings great, and has moves. Her photos do little justice to her. I want to hold the tambourine she bounces off her hip , in a continuous rhythm , soak some vibes off it. She lifts her dress a little , like a flamenco dancer, so she can move a little. More. It's not just her looks , she glows it with every gesture. She sings wonderfully . Did I say that allready? Her attitude is perfect and effortless, because she just IS.

Am I over hyping this? How can one over hype the Genuine Venus Actual?

One song I caught the name of was "Sailing on Silver". It's a hit that the secret corruptors of government and industries would not want to happen. Joy and optimism could break out and evil plans could be foiled.

Hearing "Sailing on Silver" made me feel like the world was OK, just like when I was 9 and the little girls around me would grow up to be like Jackie Deshannon. Why are there only one in a million like this? It's weird. It must be that the end of the world is coming.

The end of the world IS coming. Girls are taking Brittney Spears as the Venus mentor, spreading homosexuality and/or beastiality amongst boys. The race will die out unless girls unplug out of the sewer, and see the Venus that sings rock music. It's not too late.

If she is 42, she still has another 20 years. Humanity is at stake. She should be the world Icon of the Venus of today. She and her band will be playing on the Central Coast next weekend and again at the Hopetoun on Sunday under the name...uhhhh?