Live at the Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills
Saturday, September 2, 2006

It rocked , I grinned...

Roddy  let us return  to true rockishness in its essence. What was, and what should be, the preservation, of originiality. PRESERVATION !!!  Not search for, as there is no progress in the search for such knowledge, merely continuous  and sublime recapitulation...

I feel it would be  obscene  to try to recreate in verbiage  what took place there. It was too subtle,  the inner core of what was the real transmission would  be lost. Its outer form described  would make what was alive into a corpse. Can I just say never under any circumstances miss Roddy Ray'da. My life is richer.

I wish to go on. I remember  the Holy Grail is available!!! Still, I quaffed  a cup that was overflowing!!!! And I did it knowing it will life a richer life, and I hope to enrich others  if the Lord of Creation allows it, all because if it.  "It" being what Roddy brought back down from there.

They had a young girl sax and flute player (the bassplayer's daughter) and  the young girl looked rather shy and daunted, but when she blew the sax - hey!!! They just weren't giving the kid a nice oportunity, she belonged on stage,  fer-sher, fer sher. Way to go kid !!!