The Meanies
+ The Cosmic Psychos
+ Sin City
Spectrum, East Sydney
Rocktober 1st, 2005


Following a fun-filled and beery TurboJugend BBQ, most of the Jugend made the trek into Spectrum to catch the might Cosmic Psychos. Upon arrival, we were greeted to a sold out sign up at the door – a good sign (unless you didn’t have tickets).

First cab off the rank were Perth’s Sin City – a four piece consisting of a female lead singer/guitarist, and three guys handling lead, bass and drum duties. Big rock moves and some good tunes – a fine way to kick the night into gear.

It must have been five years since I had last seen the might juggernaut that is The Cosmic Psychos grace the stage and about 20 years since I was first converted to their uniquely Australian yob rock. It had been too long and it was fantastic to see them back in town!

Knighty was looking a little greyer sporting a crew cut, Robbie Watts was looking just the same and there was a new drummer (Dean?).
Knighty’s bass sound was as dirty and mean as ever, Robbie’s was coming up with killer riffs and a few fireworks on his strat while Dean nailed down a rock solid beat.

The boys blasted out their trademark dirty rock with a distinctly Australian flavour – songs about drinking, V8s, shooting, fighting with the neighbours and girls!

Their classic songs just kept coming; “Pub”, “Lost Cause”, “BIT”, “The Man Who Drank Too Much”, “Dead Roo” and the masterpiece from their debut release “Custom Credit”.

The full house lapped it up! I have a feeling more people were there to see the Psychos than The Meanies. One thing that came out of the show is Knighty announcing a new album was on the way – if it’s up to their past standards it will be something to keep an eye out for.

After an hour of fine lager inspired rock, the trio left the stage only to be coaxed back by the crowd to finish off with the old favourite “Hooray Fuck”.

Great stuff – age hasn’t wearied them, nor the years condemned.

For me it was time to retire to the bar where I kept an eye on proceedings while The Meanies did their thing.

I think the last time I saw them was about 1989 one of their very early shows in Melbourne. I have to say I was impressed – and so were most of the punters. I’m not familiar with their songs so won’t go into too much detail – but Wally Meanie lead from the front and the rest and delivered a great brand of high-energy rock. As a set closer and tribute to their tour mates, they ripped through a great version of The Cosmic Psychos “Pub”.

All up a mighty fine night of rock.