La Mecanique Ondulatoire, Paris
June 10, 2009


I did not have a chance to write a review of The New Christs' first-ever show in Marseilles on May 18 for obvious reasons, with The Holy Curse bandmate Sonic Polo organising the event and us playing on the bill. So Paris was a must, for my ears, my soul and my pen.

I usually try to catch up with the opening band but sorry guys I could not make it this time. Yet, if anything, I heard good comments about The Dead Rocks

A crowd of approximately 100 people had gathered in the wine cellar-like room (no bottles I mean), venue, faces known (Vinzzz, Dimi, Vero-Dimi's sister, Sue, Olive, Antoine, ..I know you don't care, but I do) others unknown, to see The New Christs. The band had not made it to Paris last year so you would have expected a larger crowd but I guess that's the way it goes over here these days when you are referring to rock music.

Still, what strikes from the start is that the band looks really happy to be here and to be together:smiles on their faces, a few laughs, the audience is seduced and bang off it goes with "I Swear", followed by a few older songs including "Like a Curse" (I bought that 45 when I was 20 and 75kgs, which makes me realized I gained about a kilo a year!!!)

Then onto new songs. I picked the album at the show so I am not familiar with the titles, but one thing for sure is that they sound energetic but also very very GROOVY. You have to dance, move, grab and shake it loose. This music should be played in dancing halls for debutantes.

Both Jim and Stuart make it happen dancing wise. Pounding and indispensable. Rob actually mentioned the hole that's left when Jim's amp turned off in the middle of a song.

Now what I really liked about Dave and Brent is their ability and intelligence not to play the usual "guitar solo contest - mine is bigger than yours" kind of shit.They keep the sustain and rock the fuck out when needed.

Rob Younger is The Man, mesmerizing the crowd with his dancing act, his typical growling, high and low tones changes, his murmurs and shouts, his smiles and witty remarks.

Get the melody right, put in the shaker, the perfect dose for a prefect drink.

My favourites tonight were These reasons (does my logic frighten you indeed?) and The Burning of Rome.

A couple of encores ("I Need You", "The Seeker") and they're gone.
We need them back, next year, whenever, the very same five guys.
Thank you guys and bonsoir à vous.

PS : Extra thanks to Jordi, the living proof that road managers can be funny and nice.