Le Poste a Galene -
Marseille, France
May 18, 2009

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It's been difficult getting back to work after such a holidays week. I won't tell ya all 'bout it, you don't bother, and "some things are better left unsaid".

As a primer, I have to speak about the weekend before. My band "The Layers" were to support The Holy Curse" in wonderful (who cares?) and sunny Lyon town. I won't comment on our gig (maybe we suffered from a lack of reheasals, but the energy was there), but prefer to let you know that we did release a five-track CD, which should be for sale thru Paypal if you want some (cover by Ash Thompson, yunno!).

The Holy Curse took to the small stage with energy, as they always do. I have to make special mention of the new songs I heard during soundcheck - these mean to me that the guys have walked another step on the r'n'r songwriting scale!

The night ended at 5am, and the guys had to take off at 10 to spend their afternoon recording studio demos for their next works. Then another gig in St Etienne, with the local and great Brand New Hate.

Me and Thierry, the Layers' singer, drove to Marseille the next day (Monday).

The crowd was not that important in Marseile, but people were waiting for both bands. The Holy Curse started with a new (slow) song which took us by surprise. I'm not willing to comment on the song titles, but playing together for three days turned them into real superheroes. As a last song, the great Sonic Smith's "City Slang".

Next come the New Christs. They'd only played a few days before in Spain, and they seem in quite good shape, and cool. First song is a new one. My main word being: Magnetism. That's what Rob inspired in me on that night. Looking like a snake and its charmer at the same time. Two encores, we leave full of pleasure. Just a small regret; still hearing the same covers ("The Seeker", "She Comes In Colours") but this does not spoil our fun.

On the same week, Saturday, the NCs came to play Lyon (festival Les Nuits Sonores - an electro fest). They had a moderate impact, playing to a small crowd of a hundred punters, with no promotion. How many knew the name of the band ?

I'm currently waiting for my third NCs show this year, on Saturday, at a small and friendly festival in Annonay (between St Etienne and Lyon). Cheers, have a Tooheys on me, fuckers.