Saturday, June 10, 2006
La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
Words by DOM GENOT
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Well, it's not that easy to write a review during a working week. After seeing the New Christs two days before, and having the chance to talk with them, it was obviously a great pleasure to see them again in Paris.
In the frst support slot (as always ?) came The Holy Curse.

Wicked as always, they start as told, at 7:30pm. I am even late enough to miss the first two songs - sorry about that - but they only have time to play nine songs!

Anyway i'll tell you the set from my memory of other shows - the first song is their version of MC5's "Future/Now", which features (among other goodies) a strong and expressive guitar solo by Sonic Polo. Such a shame there are only a handful of rock fans in the venue...

I arrive to hear "Sister Soul", fine soulful song. Then "Music & Noise", one of the songs recorded in Sydney last year. Dave Kettley (NCs guitar virtuoso) seems to appreciate it. And this time's Australian homage is "Hindu Gods Of Love". Then "Let's Go Surfin'", "RSVP" (which just came out two days before as a split single with Johnny Casino's Easy Action.)

Next is "Nights of Sin", in which they create hypnotic moods, and Eric blows a fuse. Love 'em. Too bad there are so much photographers on the front of the stage, these people cut the band from the audience. "Life's a Bitch", and one last song : "Preacherman". I'm still waiting for it on record, it's really a pleasure to hear it, so powerful. The set was really tight and heavy, full of concentration, with Eric losing his mind. Although the story may look the same, it was pretty different to the one played before the Saints last autumn. Not the same mood, and the guys are more adult, it seems, mastering more and more of their music and noise.
After that, The TV Men (i had never heard them before) and it seemed it would have been a dream team. Sorry boys, but at times, your music seem to me to be the bad part of the Hellacopters. The singer's attitude seems too obvious to me, some guitars are close to heavy metal... I must admit i finished their set at the bar.
Finally come the New Christs.

I saw them live in '89, then '97. This tour surprises me, because there are no new songs (although new guitar players). I had arguments with friends on this: loss of creativity? Age? Money? Well, I don't really care, but my respect (even bigger now) of Rob Younger makes me wonder.

Their arrival on the stage is quite simple; no star effects. The track list is close to the Wollongong show, or the one in Beauvais two nights before (except the version of the Kinks' "I Need You" on that night).

Rob looks glad, the venue is almost full, and it is the last night of the tour too. One of my personal highlights on that night is "Black Hole". A Real O'Mind moment! The sound is better than in Beauvais, Dave and Brent's guitars pair really well. Stuart and Jim Dickson's rhythm section really build castles of rock. And Rob Younger's a real shaman to us. His sensitivity can almost be felt physically.

As a post show treat, we have the chance to meet the bunch at our favorite bar (except for Jim, who was too tired). It's a nice occasion to talk about Australia, Spain, bands we like, and getting pissed together. You gave us a real good time, men! Thanks!

1/2 - Holy Curse

- TV Men

(or more) - the New Christs