The Mess Hall
+ The Tremors
+ City Lights
Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Saturday, August 9, 2003


Following a great Italian meal with a couple of friends in Norton Street, a few beers and some fine red wine it was off to the Annandale once more this time to check out some up and coming rock bands.

First up was the Sydney outfit City Lights, a rocking four piece with a pretty good sound, playing guitar/garage type rock. City Lights have lots of catchy songs, good stage presence and a guitarist who sometimes swapped six strings for an organ. Definitely worth checking out and seeking out some soon-to-be-released recordings.

Next up was a relatively new Brisbane band, The Tremors. They played their first show on New Years Eve at the Espy in St Kilda and feature the singer from Six Foot Hick, a girl from Gazoonga Attack (has to be one of the best band names going around at the moment!) and a couple of other Brisbanites. These guys are great loud garage style rock with some great songs and awesome stage presence, especially from the singer. An interesting aspect of their delivery was a female bass/organ player who alternated between the two instruments. These guys (and gal) deliver! Check them out when you can!

Now on to the main course: The Mess Hall. By the time they hit the stage, The Annandale was well filled. Jed and AJ ambled on and without much ado launched into their trademark blues-driven rock.

What an awesome sound! AJ laying down rock steady pounding beats with Jed coming over the top with some killer rock and slide riffs and a sensational vocal delivery. They ran through a set that included all the tracks from their "Feeling Sideways" EP, the highlights being "Railyard Rumble", "Shake Shake", "Lock and Load", "Do It Again" and "Feel Like a Dog". They also gave a couple of new songs an airing that sounded sensational. The crowd lapped it up!

This duo is a "must see" act at the moment and one of the best live bands I have discovered in a long while SO GO CHECK THEM OUT. All in all a fantastic night three great bands who are all definitely worth seeing again.