Loveshark and the Stoner Funk Orchestra
+ Dimension 12
Annandale Hotel
Saturday 27 August 2005


A Saturday night, no other plans but a good band and one that I was keen to check out at the Annandale – what’s a guy supposed to do? Fuck this - I’m the going to the Annandale!

By the time I arrived I had missed the first band – Dimension 12 were busy setting up on stage while some fine old Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Motorhead was pumping through the PA.

Dimension 12 are a four-piece put together by Kent Steedman - better known to patrons of the bar as the lead guitarist of the Celibate Rifles - so with Kent assuming guitar duties, Crusty (Krasty?), a guy who has been around the Sydney rock scene for many years (my first memories of him are when he was in CHAOS in the mid 80s), on vocals and harmonica and a drummer and bass player who’s names I didn’t catch.

Dimension 12 played an interesting and eclectic style of music; rock, reggae and dub elements there beefed up by the trademark muscle of Steedman’s guitar and a wall of sound from Crusty’s harmonica. Think reggae and dub beats and bass lines with the crunching guitar riffs and smoking lead breaks, overlaid by Crusty’s deadpan vocal delivery and harmonica. Dimension 12 delivers music to both dance and rock to. Set highlights were “Correspondence Dance”, “Earthly Delights”, “Dollar Totem”, “Groover Mover”, “Whats Going On”, a finely deconstructed cover of the classic Elvis tune “All Shook Up” and the set closing “Urban Rocker Roots”.
If you want something that has a bit of a groove thang happening but still with a rock kick Dimension 12 are definitely worth checking out. I would love to hear them record – I think it would work very well.

That was the entrée, and the main course that followed was Loveshark and the Stoner Funk Orchestra.

Loveshark SFO are a three piece consisting of Loveshark on guitar and vocals, LAG on bass and Tubby Wadsworth behind the drum kit.

Loveshark is best known for his work as the guitarist and one of the principal song writers from Machine Gun Fellatio, LAG cut his teeth with 80s Sydney punk band Examplehead, and Tubby has played drums with the likes of Mass Appeal, Killing Time (Mantissa) and The Candy Harlots.

Loveshark SFO blast out some powerhouse guitar rock with some funky electronic beats and bits and pieces thrown into the equation.

They kicked off the set with “Feel the Groove” before launching into “Overtime Man” and then tearing a new one in the Iggy classic “I’m Bored”.

The sound blasting out from the Annandale PA was sensational. Tubby’s drums hit you in the guts – this guy is one of the finest rock drummers going around at the moment – he hits with power and precision. Loveshark’s guitar was loud crunchy and smokin’ and the funky bass rumble that LAG was letting rip really gave the sound some balls.

An interesting addition to the show was four television screens on stage screening some fine 60s weirdness that was put together with the assistance of Jay Katz.

They then ripped through a few more originals: “Big Ears” (a fun little song about a girl with really big ears), “Dr Watsons Lemon Tree”, “World of Hate” the well named “Nothing Expands Your Mind… Like a Bullet” and the anti Bush anthem “Cattle Rustling”. It was then time for Loveshark to revisit a couple of Machine Gun Fellatio tunes – “Queenie” and “Stoner” have never sounded so good – the SFO rock them to the max. The final two tunes were a new one called “I Got Love” and the rock and rave anthem that has crossover hit all over it called “Milk Bar”.

After a short break the band head back on to the stage and launched into “Knobs on Fire” which culminated in Loveshark setting fire to his genitalia before closing out with Monster Magnet’s “Evil”.

If you like your music rocking with a bit of a twist I highly recommend you get along and check out Loveshark and the Stoner Funk Orchestra.