World Cafe Live! Philadelphia, PA
March 21, 2007

Picture: AL SPRY

How lucky we east coast USA punters are in the last six months; first we witness Birdman, now the legendary Hoodoo Gurus!

The H.G.'s have always been about basic real rock'n'roll with great melodies and killer guitar. That was certainly in evidence with their first show here in 13 years.

They launched it with "Place in the Sun" from "Kinky"; a rockin' choice to start the show. Next up was a fave with everyone; "(Let's All) Turn On", which featured Brad worshiping at the altar of Marshall for some cool ass feedback.

The guys paced the show like the old pros they are, mixing it up with standards like "Out That Door", "Come Anytime" and "Leilani", along with some obscurities: "Mighty Have Fallen" from "Mach Schau", a driving "Down On Me" from "Blue Cave" and "Castles in the Air" from "Kinky", among others.

Dave was in fine humor and spirits throughout the evening, regaling us with tales from the past. Brad was simply astounding, ripping off hot riffs and sweet solos all night. Mark and Rick anchored it all down solid with a pounding, rock steady backbeat. Just like you knew they would.

The boys kicked it into high gear with "I Want You Back", followed with an extended, righteous "Miss Freelove '69" into, get this, "Bittersweet", "What's My Scene", "Right Time" and "Kamikaze Pilot". What a stretch of greatness to wind it up!

They came back out to the raucous punters cheers for more and didn't disappoint with four rockers: " Axegrinder", "Generation Gap", "Arthur" and a fitting finale, "Like Wow, Wipeout".

What a blast it was finally seeing the Gurus live. I hope it's not the last time.