The Continental, Tulsa
Tuesday, October 30 2007

A Report from The Indian Territory,   
in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA

I was very happy to learn that The Gore Gore Girls had gotten a booking in my hometown. It has been 3 years since they have played here. I was able to see them back in March at SXSW in Austin. And again, On September 13th at The Conservatory in OKC as part of their current tour in support of their latest release on Bloodshoot Records.
ABR Productions had them booked for Tuesday October 30th at The Continental, Which is located in downtown Tulsa on 1st street.
When I arrived at the club, The Klondike 5 were already playing. The promoter Bracken was working the door. I visited with him for about 20 minutes. As I did I could see old friends such as Dale Lawton and Bill Padgett. Dale is a Musician and has worked as a Recording Engineer in Los Angeles. Bill is the Drummer for the Starkweather Boys.
The Klondike 5 are an old-time string band. They are very good. As they played, I passed through the club to have a look around. Finally, I sat down at the bar with Dale and his wife. He told me a fascinating story about working a session with Phil Spector.
When The Starkweather Boys came on, I excused myself and went down front. The Starkweather Boys were working as a 3 piece this evening. However, This didn't diminish the fact that they are an Outstanding Band. They have a real feel for Rockabilly. In their set, They played covers by Rockabilly Artists that I've only read about such as Joe Clay. Bill was using The Gore Gore Girls drum kit, too. I really enjoyed their set.
During this time, The Gore Gore Girls appeared and were seated nearby. After The Starkweather Boys finished, Amy and Lianna went towards the bar. They were standing there with their guitar cases.
I went up to Amy and tapped her on the arm. She turned around and took a look at me and exclaimed "Oh, My God!", "How are you, Tom!" I shook her hand. We talked for a little bit. Then, She said that she needed to get to the stage. I said sure we could talk more after the show.
After a quick set change, They were ready to start.
The promoter Bracken applied creative booking for this show. As all 3 bands were different. To my mind, This would provide The Gore Gore Girls with more impact.
In their set, They performed many songs from the "Get The Gore" album. There were also older songs such as "Astral Man" and "Automatic Love".
Amy Gore is a Good Bandleader. She and the Band work hard. As a result, The Gore Gore Girls have developed a reputation as an exciting live act. This evening was not an exception.
Their performance was pretty much Full Throttle all the way. At one point, Amy came off the bandstand and moved towards where some people were stting in a booth. While there, She leaned into them and was wailing away directly over their heads. She did this with the next booth as well. And then, She moved back to the Dancefloor.
At that Moment, She and I made eye contact. I was sitting at a table at the Dancefloor. She immediately made a beeline towards me. As she wailed away over my head, She looked down at me. When she did, she, knowingly, started cracking up.
They finished with a driving version of "Casino". With Amy and her long guitar cord moving through the crowd as she was soloing away.
After their ripping set, I walked out to my car to retrieve something. When I came back into the club, I held back a little to let the crowd thin out. I went up to Amy and said "I brought you something this time". During my lunch break, earlier in the day, I purchased her a "I'm Down with T-Town" T-shirt.
As she pulled it out of the bag, she said "You crazy man, You didn't have to do that". She held it up to herself. It looked to fit her perfectly.
I said "That's not all". I told her that I'd written down some thoughts on her music as I handed her the envelope. I wasn't sure if we'd be able to speak with one another at length or not.
She said "Tom, You're making this visit to Tulsa special" as she signed my tour poster.
We talked for a short while. Then, We said our Goodbyes. We gave each other a small hug.
As I made my way outside, the air was brisk, cool, and still. As I walked along, I had a sense of satisfaction. It was a feeling of time well spent. I also felt a shared sense of Goodwill, too.