Medicine Show Festival, Perugia, Italy
September 6, 2003


My mate Hughy and I descended upon the Medicine Festival on the outskirts of Perugia (a brilliant medieval city) way before there was any activity. Why ? Because it was a Birdman gig and we were PUMPED.

The venue was an outdoors gig about 3km from Perguia at the base of a mountain in idylic Italian countryside. Proceeded to drink my fair share of beer during the early warm up bands (Hughy the bastard doesn't drink!!!) and generally wandered around the small crowd and took in all the atmosphere: cruisey. The bands all had a go even if they didn't really grab me. I will say this however, and that is they certainly had the right rock 'n' roll attitude.

After sprinting out of the blocks too quickly I decided that I had to discipline myself to get in shape for the Bird. This meant complete abstinence of all beer and other stuff and definitely to forget playing Frisbee with new found friends. A lot of the audience were very clued up on all things Birdman and other Sydney bands. I met Roberto and Allesandro ( R did other review of Perugia and A did Bologna). R is very up on all stuff and actually was name dropping all sorts of Australian bands and the friends he knew in them like a demon. R had also produced an Italian tribute CD to Birdman (which he gave me on an aborted car trip to see Birdman in Bologna the following day but that is another story). It is pretty good in the main and definitely has the right raw energy and you can't argue with that. He and the other Italians we met were great people.

Anyway, as is the way on big nights the night slipped away from me whilst I was having my fun. A band that did impress me was the final support band. I think they were Ray Daytona. They were really good and really set the crowd up for Birdman. They were a mix of twangy surf guitar meets the Psychotic Turnbuckles. There was lots of theatrics and numerous costumed characters running all over the place. At least I think that is what I saw. Anyway they definitely got the crowd jumping around and happy.

A laid back, patient crowd of about 600 waited for Birdman and they didn't disappoint. The band sauntered onto the little stage plugged in and banged it out as only the Bird can do. The gig set list was as follows :

Burn my eye;
Smith & Wesson;
Do the Pop;
I 94
Non Stop Girls
Love Kills
Alone in the End Zone
What Gives
Hangin' on
455 SD
Dark Surprise
Cryin Sun
Murder City Nights
Anglo girl desire
Aloha Steve and Dannno
Man with Golden Helmet
Waitin for the man
New Race
Cold Turkey
You're Gonna Miss Me

Great night. Given the surrounds and the feel good vibe I have to rate it 3.95/5, i.e., some bastard knocked the top off the fourth and had a sip!

Note: The top came off the fourth bottle because those rascals once again left "Hand of Law" out of the set (which I might add would be a great alternative anthem for the Wallabies in the World Cup).