Medicine Show Festival, Perugia, Italy
September 6, 2003


Every Birdman fan couldn't believe it may happen! Radio Birdman still on the road!

My friends Kent Steedman, Deniz Tek and Jim Dickson told me it was true some time ago, so I was sure that my dream was turning to reality. And I started a mental countdown to the show....

The chosen location was a sportcenter in the countryside near Perugia, a nice place but not so easy to reach from the south of Italy. Another more accessible location should have assured a bigger audience, but even so there were almost 500 people present from all over Italy. (Three guys drove eight hours to be here.)

It's an open air venue (the local promoter guaranteed the gig would proceedm even with rain) and the weather forecasts were THUNDERSTORM!!!!!

Fortunately no raindrops fell from above, it was a warm and pleasant Italian summer night.

Support bands started at 5pm, some were quite good and others less so, but everyone involved in the event was only waiting for the Birdmen playing at 11.30pm. It ewas a chance to see just how true the reputation is about them being one of the best rock 'n 'roll bands of all time. And the guys didn't betray the fans' expectations...

The show seemed to be always "on top". We never felt a lack of emotions listening to all of the songs that are the soundtrack of our lives: "What Gives?", "Man with Golden Helmet", "Do the Pop", "Love Kills", "New Race". Everyone in the audience wisdhed they had the power to stop time and let the show last for ever.

It was incredible how sharp the sound was. Deniz and Chris' guitars were simply perfect, Pip's eclecticism, Ron's cute drumming, Jim's bass that never stopped pumping and Mr Younger's voice. I'll never forget this show, ever!

Probably the weather forecast (THUNDERSTORM) referred to the show, not to the sky.

The audience called for an encore from the band and they went back on stage twice for an ultrasonic version of "You're Gonna Miss Me" and "Waitin' for the Man". The band were really exhausted (but not the people's hunger for songs).

After the show, I spent an hour with Jim and Deniz talking about old times and new Birdman's projects and everything makes me think that the forthcoming Birdman's album will be another milestone. No doubt about it.

Just one negative: Rob Younger was annoyed about the loss of his jacket. (I hope it was not stolen and he found it after in the van).

At least, the lesson is that Radio Birdman have something that 99 percent of all bands have not: passion. And they really know how to translate passion into their music.