Surry Hills Excelsior, Sydney
Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I arrived at the Excelsior when Nobody’s Fool were playing – had a quick look at them and they seemed to be an 80s style metal band, not really my cup of tea but a few shaggy haired heads were banging and obviously enjoying themselves. I retreated to the bar for a couple of ice-cold beers and to shoot the breeze with a few familiar faces.

While sitting in the bar, patrons were given a preview of the Doomfoxx video for their debut single “Piece of Me”.

Doomfoxx took to the stage about 11 – a mass of long hair, tattoos exuding sleazy glam rock attitude.

Doomfoxx are Mick Cocks and Dave Thomas on guitars, Ty Hooker on vocals, Archie Fires on bass and Jase Borbec on drums.

From their opening number “Boyfriend” the crowd lapped it up – there was a good contingent of pretty young things and Doomfoxx faithful singing along to every word, as well as a fair number of people who were obviously curious to check them out (I fell into this category).

Ty Hooker takes his cues from the likes of Axel Rose and David Lee Roth and patrons of the i94bar would appreciate the tattoos on his right arm dedicated to the great Stooges album “Raw Power”.
The twin guitar attack of Mick Cocks (ex Rose Tattoo) and Dave Thomas worked a treat, lots of heavy riffs and great lead interplay – it was great to hear Cocksy cutting loose with his searing lead breaks.

They were backed by the pounding rhythm section of Jase and Archie.

Obvious reference points as far as the sound and showmanship were early Guns’n’Roses, a bit of homage to the Stones and a dash of the Black Crowes, yet Doomfoxx inject some good old school oz rock toughness into their sound.

The song themes mine the time worn vein of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Set highlights included “Drugs”, “Rock n Roll Show”, a killer cover of the classic Hank Williams “Honky Tonk Angels”, “Rehab” (with the chorus line “rehab is for quitters”) and “Piece of Me”. For mine, the closing song “Look Ma No Hands” was the standout song of the night.

All in all, good fun rock and roll!