+ The Lime Spiders
+ Asteroid B.612 @ The Gaelic Club, Sydney
July 28, 2004


Following two Melbourne shows and a set at one of the ‘kidfests’, Splendour in the Grass, it was finally time for DKT/MC5 to take to the confines of Sydney’s Gaelic Club, where little over six months ago Radio Birdman burned up a local stage.

Asteroid B612 opened proceedings and delivered a killer set, following on some incredible shows recently in their hometown (and elsewhere) as they joined Perth lads The M-16s on their recent East Coast tour. I first recall witnessing the ‘Roids in dual guitar assault mode in Melbourne years ago and was enthralled (and have been since). Despite line-up changes, these guys have rarely (if ever) disappointed with killer tunes in their arsenal like "Straight Back to You", "September Crush" and "I've Had You".

The 'Roids, of late, have really taken a shine to Pere Ubu's "Final Solution" and have taken this song into all kinds of sonic diversions. They were joined for it by tonight’s guest guitarist, Celibate Rifle, Kent Steedman/ Then another amazing set from The ‘Roids was over.

The Lime Spiders followed and delivered a set good enough to remind you just why their career drew so much high praise. Early classics "Slave Girl", "Out of Control", "Beyond the Fringe" and "My Favourite Room" really delivered. The intermittent appearance of go-go dancers (claimed to be spontaneous) seemed a distraction and an unnecessary addition.

DKT/MC5 then took to the stage with crwod expectations high.

From the opener, "Ramblin' Rose" through "Sister Anne", "Shakin Street","‘Gotta Keep Movin' "and "Looking at You" (these last two featuring guest vocalist Rob Younger) this was a set to remember.
Gems like "Human Being Lawnmower", "Teenage Lust", "Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa-Fa-Fa)" and set closer "Kick Out the Jams" highlighted how and why the MC5 have come to be known as being one of the truly legendary and seminal bands of late '60s/early '70s music.

When they finally closed with "American Ruse" the crowd had testified to the sonic and songwriting greatness and genius of the MC5, whose music is being celebrated via DKT/MC5.

With guest vocalists Mark Arm and Evan Dando both proved their selections vindicated. Guitarist Deniz Tek was at his energetic, rhythmic best and teamed with Brother Wayne Kramer to form a guitar combo that will be rarely if ever matched.
Kramer (alongside his "brothers" bassist Michael Davis and Dennis "Machine Gun" Thomson) were in top form.

How could you not be more than satisfied and quite proud to have seen DKT/MC5 tonight?