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+ Cobra Verde
The Majestic Theatre, Detroit

Thursday, June 10, 2004

By Tim Hurley with Mike & Mary Anne Rousseau

Brothers & Sisters,

Are you ready for a testimonial? 

Michael Davis, Wayne Kramer, Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson & Company threw down in Motown, celebrating the music of the MC5.  It was a great show that exceeded the expectations of those in attendance.  A packed house, the spirit of Rob Tyner & Fred "Sonic" Smith, humid heat, the sweat produced by dancin' to the jams and a band that was loose enough to have fun......yet tight enough to play in the pocket, all contributed to a memorable night.

This gig brought out the best of the Motor City.  All ages were represented; from our sons, to Panthers drawn out of retirement .  One guy flew in from Sacramento, California just to be a part of this experience.  What was experienced?  Well, from the opening salvo of "Tonight"  as Wayne stepped to the Mic to state with conviction, "OK kids it's rockin' time!" the closing "Motor City's Burning" confirmed that the jams of the MC5 are as relevant in 2004 as they were "back in-the-day". 

This was not some flaccid Las Vegas Lounge gig for musicians that should retire, nor was it a "golden oldies" tour of the summer sheds.  This was rock n' roll performed by seasoned veterans who still know how to Kick Out the Jams. 

If memory serves me correct, this was the set list in Detroit:

1. TONIGHT   (a killer opener)
2. RAMBLIN' ROSE   (the more you feel it the more it grows)
3. OVER & OVER   (goose bump city)
4. CALL ME ANIMAL   (how appropriate)
5. SHAKIN' STREET   (Fred was there)
6. TEENAGE LUST      (no Viagra needed)
7. LOOKING AT YOU   (great rendition with Wayne in fine form)
8. SISTER ANNE         (for all the Catholic boys with a fetish for plaid skirts )
9. GOTTA' KEEP MOVIN'  (machine gun gone wild!)
10. KICK OUT THE JAMS   (the crowd went apeshit as the band found a pocket)
11. I BELIEVE TO MY SOUL  (dedicated to brother Ray Charles)
12. RAMMA LAMMA  (where the crowd got involved as Wayne orchestrated a three-part genuine harmonic sing-a-long.....what a blast!)
13. FUTURE NOW (if you're willing to pay the price)
14. STARSHIP (shades of the Grande)

Encore #1
1. AMERICAN RUSE (more relevant today than back in the summer of 69')
2. HIGH SCHOOL    (the kids still want a little action)

Encore #2
1. LET ME TRY          (proof you can actually slow dance to the Five)
2. I WANT YOU RIGHT NOW (the world wants more of DKT/MC5)
3. THE HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER  (still choppin' em' up)

Encore #3
1. THE MOTOR CITY'S BURNING  (for the die hard rockers who would not give up the ghost)

That's 20 songs of the purest of jams!  By 1:30AM the audience was left spent and satiated.  Dennis Thompson & Michael Davis,a killer rhythm section to behold set the tempo for the jammin' out of the kicks. 

No-one in Rock n' Roll has the stage presence and swagger of Brother Wayne Kramer.  He squeezed new life out of the neck of his Stratocaster as he put his heart and soul into every song that the hungry audience lapped up like famished dogs.  

They put a spell on us!  Everyone got their bang for the buck.  That's right kids.....20 songs for 20 bucks.  Who could ask for more?

DKT-MC5 World Tour dates can be found here. Australians can win a double pass to their Sydney and Melbourne shows here.