The Datsuns
The Sahara Hotnights
The Metro, Sydney
Saturday April 27, 2003

It was with keen anticipation that I ventured forth to catch The Datsuns at the Metro, I had seen them earlier the year at The Gaelic Club and was mightily impressed. A quick bite of Spanish food on Liverpool Street and then upstairs into The Metro.

The Sahara Hotnights were already playing and what a great sound, girl rock a la The Runaways – the ripped through a tight set, with plenty of rock action from the four piece – a singer/guitarist, bass player, another guitarist and a great drummer. These girls are good and they know how to rock!

Following the departure of the girls from the stage a sense of anticipation grew among the sell out crowd; then the lights went out at 10.10 and The Datsuns hit the stage and without further ado launched into their opener "Hello Ladies and Gentlemen". What followed was one of the most mind blowing rock shows I have ever seen.

This was a band at their very best: singer/bassist Dolf a ball of energy on the stage; vocals ranging from a growl to a shriek, lead guitarist Christian pulling off insane lead breaks, Phil laying down a mean as hell rhythm guitar track with some great Pete Townsend windmills and the whole band being anchored by the powerhouse drumming of Matt. They reminded me of a cross between Deep Purple at their rocking best and The MC5.

The Datsuns whipped the crowd into a frenzy – lots of crowd interplay, clapping and sing-alongs, pulling the mood back, getting the crowd involved before launching into another blistering sonic assault complete with every rock move in the book– they just kept getting better. Their set included their standards such as "Lady, Sittin’ Pretty", "Motherfucker From Hell", "Harmonic Generator" and most of the tracks from their album. Several great new songs were given an airing along with a fully rocked up cover of The Fun Things' "(I Ain’t Got) Time Enough For Love".

The came the finale: and what a finale it was – the band launched into a full blooded assault of "Super Gyration" and end ended up being joined by all four member of the Sahara Hotnights for a melt down airing that ended in a wall of feedback. The band left the stage and them made a couple more encore appearances before the lights went up and left everyone in the crowd smiling.

I have rarely seen a band looking like they were enjoying their work so much and their sheer power and stage presence was mind blowing. The Datsuns are now a world class band and I am sure big things await these Kiwi lads; especially with the exposure they will gain playing the Northern Hemisphere festivals in the next few months. - Richard Sharman