Friday, January 21, 2005


A venue to do justice to a legendary band . As Kat from the Spazzys put it: “ Ladies you gotta check out the toilets – they’re great.” Both bars, top and bottom, were working and the service was not too bad.

Anticipation was high for the night ahead , and a crowd of about 500-600 filed in.

The Spazzys led off around 8.30 with a great set which really got the crowd going. Not sure if the majority had that much first-hand exposure to them, but the girls sure put that right with a powerful performance.

The usual intro music was missing and the Birdmen materialised on stage around 10pm. They launched into “What It’s For “ quickly followed by “Do The Pop” and “Non Stop Girls” before drawing breath.

The band looked relaxed and peeled off two new tunes in “Do Me A Favour” and “Remorseless” . Both went down a treat.

Deniz was experiencing a few technical problems and this was brought to a head in “Crying Sun” when he lost his Epiphone altogether . In frustration he stood at his mic, hands over his head until his backup was ready .

With new material to showcase several favourites had to make way and the last of the new songs for the night in “Rock Bottom” and “Connected” were also received well .

“Anglo Girl Desire” and crowd fav “Aloha” lead to two encores which included “More Fun” , “New Race” and the final song “You’re Gonna Miss Me” .

All in all a great performance considering the technical problems experienced throughout the show. Looking forward to the Maroochydore show Saturday night .


Saturday, January 22, 2005


Final night of the Dark Surprise Tour and things were not looking promising early with the venue . The band room was the PubTab and several punters must have been waiting for the last race at Harold Park . Once the pool tables and pinball machines were moved the room started to take shape. It was an intimate set-up with only a row of water barriers separating the band from the crowd.

The Spazzys finally hit the floor around 9:45 PM and wiped it again . Quite a few people were backing up form the Tivoli the night before and these girls won everyone over.

After a quick set change and sound check , intro music led the Birdmen onstage around 11pm.

“What It’s For” opened the night again and “Do The Pop” and “Non Stop Girls” once more followed . The band looked “up” for the night and this was reinforced by great versions of “Love Kills” , “Smith And Wesson” and “I-94” .

The first of the new songs hit with “Do Me A Favour” and “Remorseless” . “Endzone” and “Dark Surprise” were followed by two more new songs in “Rock Bottom” and “Connected” . That was the last of the new material for the night , but the more they are heard the better they’re sounding.

As with the Tivoli show the band were looking relaxed and obviously enjoying themselves . With the crowd just an arm’s reach away Rob was at his most animated and the banter between him and the crowd was great to see.

There seemed to be more latitude among the band with Deniz , Rob and Chris engaging in an extended intro to “Maelstrom” .

Thanks must go to Alik from the Spazzys as the boys threw in her request for the rarely-played “Snake”. “Hangin On”, “Anglo Girl Desire” , “Murder City Nights” and “Aloha” rounded off a fantastic set.

After a recharge - it was bloody hot with lots a bodies and heavy humidity - the band returned for the first encore with “Man With Golden Helmet” , “More Fun “ and a cranking version of “New Race” . One punter jumped onstage to join in on the chorus and this threatened to end the night prematurely . The security overreacted but, fortunately, order was restored.

After everyone cooled down, the band responded with a second encore of “Burned My Eye” , the Alice Cooper cover “Caught In A Dream” and finished the night with a blistering rendition of “Your Gonna Miss Me”.

“What Gives” was on the set list and didn’t get a run but I don’t think too many minded .

Just looking at everyone’s faces on the night , it was obvious we had been treated to an exceptional show . I know it was the best I have ever seen .