Spectrum, East Sydney
April 16 2006

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The blokes you can trust are back in town with a new album under their belt and a new drummer on board. That’s right folks, the Cosmic Psychos are back!

Melbourne’s Kamikaze Trio kicked things into gear with their hardcore sounds and guitar histrionics. This is the second time I had seen them, pretty good sound and show. A band to keep an eye out for.

Next were a couple of veterans of the Sydney scene; Ray and Blackie from the Hard-Ons out the front of their more metallic project, Nunchukka Superfly.

Blackie’s first riff just about blew my head off; these boys were loud, tight and having fun. I have seen Nunchukka several times, but this was by far the best I have seen them; there seemed to be more light and shade between the huge blasts of metal riffage. If you are into metallic walls of guitar sound and hair galore, check them out.

About 10.30, Knighty, Robbie and Dino (who played drums with Knighty in Dung) took to the stage and launched into their classic drinking anthem “Pub”. They were sounding loud and heavy just like the Psychos should. The sound was pulverising yet clear and the crowd surged forward and sang along to most of the set.

Next up was “Mortician” from the new album “Off Ya Cruet!”; then they blasted through a collection of songs old and new. The highlights for me were “Dead in a Ditch”, “Dead Roo”, a bonecrushing version of “Custom Credit” then into “Drinking With The SAS”, followed up shortly with “Thank Your Mother For The Rabbits”.

At this point the crowd were working themselves into a frenzy; the band were having a ball; Knighty’s bass and vocals were superb, Robbie was on fire in the guitar stakes; a perfect blend of power riffs, and some fine wah-wah, slide and solos. New drummer Dino was rock solid and having an absolute blast If his leering grin was any indication.

The band powered into their final trio of songs; the delightful “Kill Bill” which tells it how it is regarding their former drummer ( “I’ll cut yer fuckin' head off”) then into “B.I.T.” before the tour de force “Lost Cause”.

The band left the stage with the crowd chanting for more; after a short break they got it. A couple of songs with the whole crowd yelling along to the show stopping finale “Hooray Fuck”.

The performance and songs confirm that Cosmic Psychos are one of the quintessential Australian rock bands and it should be everyone Australian’s patriotic duty to get rat arsed drunk and rock out to the Psychos at least once.

and a double rum, Barman!