The Casanovas + Intercooler + The Specimens
Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Saturday August 16 2003


I arrived at The Annandale (it is beginning to feel like my second home with the amount of time I have been spending there lately) in a reasonably well lubricated state after watching the Bledisloe Cup match with a few friends at one of my favourite local watering holes – the less said about the result the better!

Walked in on the latter stages of The Specimens’ set I only caught a couple of their songs but they sounded pretty good to these ears – great high energy guitar rock. I regretted I hadn’t caught more of their set and will be keeping an eye out for them when they travel this way from Melbourne again.

Next up was Brisbane outfit Intercooler . I had heard a couple of their songs before and some good reports but wasn’t really familiar with the band.

Intercooler are a four piece featuring singer/guitarist Phil out the front, Michael on lead guitar, Joel on bass and Damo on drums. They put out a sound that brought back memories of The Smithereens, but with a little more testosterone in their riffs. Intercooler delivers a melodic brand of rock with a decent stage presence – definitely worth a listen and worth catching live!

The break between bands gave me time to grab a couple more soothing libations before assuming a position at the front of stage. The Casanovas strolled out and launched straight into the catchy rocker "Shake It", followed by another tight rocking number before blasting into "Nasty".


The three boys were on fire; Tommy sounding like a young Angus Young, Damien hammering his bass like Lemmy and Patrick pounding out a powerhouse drum track. The Casanovas were much slicker than when I caught them in January playing with The Datsuns at the Gaelic Club – obviously their time in Europe and the US was well spent!

The band continued to rip through the rest of their set – all too soon getting to their final number a blistering "10 Outta 10". The Casanovas' sound combines a large slab of AC/DC, a dash of the Dictators and Motörhead – bristling catchy melodic guitar riffs, combined with nice tongue in cheek lyrics.

After a short break the band came back and then powered though a red hot version of the AC/DC classic "Riff Raff". A great way to finish off the night!

If you want a good fun, no nonsense loud rocking band you need look no further than The Casanovas – I eagerly await their debut album and many more of their infections rocking tunes.

(and another hangover)