Subject:: The Future of Humanity is a Little Safer

"The Blue Van" @ the Delancy Bar,
New York,New York (a town so nice they named it twice)
Thursday August 12, 2004

I'm in New York City and just saw a GREAT band of young guys from Denmark: " THE BLUE VAN".

They were absolutely great. I heard a sound like Mitch Ryder, perhaps a younger Scott Morgan, some Credence. No, never mind, it's too difficult to make comparisons.

They were young and they meant what they rocked.

Never would have suspected Scandinavians to display such a saltiness, a bit of swamp, and some soul..One doesn't need to spend time in a stamping plant or in the Delta, eatin' crawdad,s to sound and feel like it. Perhaps this being " THOR'S Day" had something to do with it?

Heck, I'd give them American Citizenship on the spot if ot were in my power, for returning the spirit of the unflash , unpretentious actual rock. For righteously reciprocating back to us the true spirit that went out and found the likes of these nice Vikings over time and space, infecting the world as it was done.

Youth is certainly is a strong element when this stuff just comes out. You know, when all the "greats" did in their early creations. Innocence. It can really GO !!

No "trying" all that kind of stuff young guys throw out there to win the damsel. And not being afraid of, uhhh, whatever.

This stuff is bright and shining. A real cool organ sound. The guy sings as good as any 60's British Invader, or genuine USA garage-ateer.

It's unforced, the style is classic and true to the '60s yet too original to compare. An approximation.

In other words this is a Very good band

Great stuff. If you ever get the chance to see or hear The Blue Van you'll give them five stars (or five bottles).

The set was short, totally comfortable slinging this out. The whole band totally gave of themselves. The bassist was entertainingly animated. In fact, they all were. Who will save rock 'n' roll? The likes of The Blue Van.

I felt hope for at least 45 minutes.