Posted May 14, 2011



Share I dreamed of this gig for more than half my life. I discovered the Stooges, (and the MC5 shortly after) when I was 15. All of a sudden I didn't care about being a punk from London. I had heard the greatest rock and roll band ever, and they were from my hometown.

I devoured Iggy's autobiography "I Need More". The trailer park he grew up in was about a mile from the low income housing I lived in.

I met Ron at an open casting call for a locally produced horror movie. He was the coolest guy. I mean he was to me what Clapton was to the idiot "classic rockers" I went to high school with. I told him I was in a band that covered Search and Destroy. "I'd like to see you guys some time when you play next," he said giving me his phone number. My favorite guitarist just gave me his phone number, and I'm a nobody high school kid.

I got so many people into the Stooges over the years. I spread the gospel of the Stooges like a one kid preacher for the Holy Roman Empire.

I used to fantasize the Stooges would one day reunite and play Ann Arbor again. Both seemed like distant fantasies. When they finally reunited it was so great to not only get to see them in my lifetime, but to finally see Ron get his due, financially, and critically.

So 30-plus years later not only are the Stooges back together but they are playing Ann Arbor. And all these people are flying in from out of town to see the show etc. Tickets go on sale and I don't have a job, a credit card, or enough money to afford a ticket.

A friend offered me a 7th row seat because his girlfriend decided she didn't like the Stooges. But he couldn't part with it for any less than 400 dollars. And that was a "friend price."

So I'm glad it was a cool show, I'm glad all those rich folks got to rock out to the Stooges in our local historic theater, and I'm pleased that a band of kids from the Neutral Zone (who put up a large mural of local DJ Disco D when he passed away) got to open. And it's cool that Deniz used the amp of the guitarist for Mazinga (the group I sing in) because in a small way, part of us shared the stage with The Stooges.

So even though my broke ass couldn't afford the show, I pay tribute to Ron every day when I feed my cat that used to be his. Because I know if I had passed away before Ron he would have done the same for me.

If Austin TX can put up a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn then we can put up a statue of Ron. Register with the cause here.

* Marc McFinn is vocalist with Ann Arbor band Mazinga who you can hear and read about here.


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