This is your entry point to the various scribblings of regular columnists and retrobates.

World-wise opinions on (mostly) rock and roll from a Sydney-based, mortorbike-riding
Aussie Rules-loving sage.

Rockin' the Vote
Earl has his say on the Australian Federal election

If you're asking 'Who?' you're in the wrong place

Rock and Roll Movies
A stroll through a few of them.

This Life
Earl in reflective mood.

The History of Rock and Roll
Earl looks at the Greatest Songs.

The New Christs

Reflections from the road on the New Christs

APEC and Courtney's Lovin'
There is a connecttion between regional economic
conferences and Kurt's widow, believe us

Twilight Singers

Sometimes it turns out just right.

2006 Wrapped Up
What it says

I Love Drugs
An honest assessment.

Rock and Roll in the Era of Decadence
A look back at Radio Birdman's reformation in 1996

Nirvana Killed Rock and Roll

You know they did.

Michelle Leslie
Earl on the Aussie drug model tabloid sensation

Motor bikes, love, rock and roll and Radio Birdman
More in common than you might think.

Running a Book on Rock and Roll
His brain hurts so Earl rests up with a few good books

Earl O'Neill ruminates on Live8
And tells you why rock stars don't need long necks to be geese

Old fart in a young man's game
The future of our (rock and roll) nation is in sound hands


Goodnight CBGBs

Melbourne musician Robert Lastdrager recalls playing CBGB

There Goes the Neighbourhood
Thoughts on coping with the Festive Season

Jeff's into loud 'n' heavy '70s rawk of all kinds. His columns give you the rundown
on what's hot on disc.

Top Ten 07
Jeff tells us what he dug the most in '07

His Bobness

Jeff gets off Highway 61 and disappears over the Nashville Skyline

Top Ten 06

Jeff rounds up his personal best for '06

Buffalo, Bread and the MC5
Jeff manages to get those three (and many more) into the one column

Top Ten 05

Long time between drinks from Jeff but some nice tipples here.

Top Ten Time
Jeff casts his musical net far and wide

Five Guys Walk Into the I-94 Bar
On the Faces box set

Grateful Count
From the Dead to Count Five (visiting Slade along the way)

Deep Funk

On Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad...and the Ramones.


The Barman's Rant
Occasional thoughts on Real Rock Action

Turned into a Blog - updates most days.
Find it here.

Vale Ian Rilen
Tribute to the vet with a heart of gold.

Save CBGB's
Why do people acting for the homeless want to close this home away from home?

Controversy stays alive with the MC5

Who should Get Up on the Stand?

Get Ready to Hate the Stooges?
On reunions.

Travels with the Barman
A road trip through the US, with nods to the MC5 movie, Sonny Vincent
Scott Morgan's Powertrane and NYC along the way

Kick Out the Jeans: You Have the Final Word
Some surprises here, kids.

Kick Out the Jeans: Slight Return
Brother Wayne takes aim.

Kick Out the Jeans
The Barman comnsiders the storm around the MC5's corporate-sponsored reunion.

Gimme (or Ken) Credit!
Why the new Iggy Pop bio "Gimme Danger" is on our Shit List.

US correspondent Roya Butler on punk and hardcore.

Leftover Crack
Getting political with Sturg

The Aggrolites
Roya chats to guitarist Brian Dixon from the old school
reggae/rocksteady crew.

Death By Stereo
Roya talks to guitarist Dan Palmer.


Unique, straight-talking views from Mr Oz Rock.

The King Retains his Crown
Why the '68 Comeback show is without peer.

A true original. The old columns are archived here.

Ken at SXSW 2003
A little jaded? YOU be the judge.